My birthday is Sunday and this year it was time renew my drivers license. I tried to do it on-line but apparently I waited to long. If you're renewing online you have to do it 6 weeks before your license actually expires, note to self. So yep I had to make a dreaded appearance at the DOL office. WOW prices have nearly doubled to renew your license.

It now will cost you $45 to renew your license or $60 if you have the enhanced license. There were a few people in line behind me that were very surprised by the new higher fees. The good news is your license is good for 5 years and you can renew online as long as you do it far enough in advance. Make sure you renew on time otherwise the fee goes up an additional $10 if you're more than 55 days late. The good new is that it only took me 15 minutes total, I was expecting 30 minutes to an hour wait. Here's the link with all the new higher fees.