I attended Ed Dailey's radio broadcasting class at Tri-Tech. For two years, I was surrounded (literally) in Loudermilk memorabilia. Turns out, one of Ed's students from years before was Issac Carpenter. You may know him as the drummer for AWOLNATION. Well, Isaac was also the drummer for Tri-City-based Loudermilk. Although they rebranded in 2004 as Gosling, and split in 2006, they've left a legacy in Tri-Cities. They were a hot ticket attraction in the local music scene. When I first listened to the Red Record, I felt like I had missed out. The guitars were sick, the vocals were harrowing, and the lyrics were otherworldly.

Nearly 14 years have passed since the boys were back together. If you'd like to see what they were up to as of 2017, I did a write-up on it.

But lately, there's been some activity on social media. A few weeks back, I had seen guitarist Mark Watrous had purchased a new pedal. The picture appeared in Loudermilk's Instagram story. Watrous then tagged the band in a post on his own profile.

Mark Watrous on Instagram

I also noticed Loudermilk had a new profile picture. Surely it wasn't some random macro. It also wasn't something I'd seen in their branding before. Latent Print Records then confirmed it was seemingly a new logo.

Another oddity I had found was Mark Watrous had tagged the band in a photo of himself and actress Rose McGowan on stage. (Author's edit: This is a screenshot from the popular TV show Charmed which featured an episode where Loudermilk made an appearance.)

What do you think? Are the boys getting back together? Would it be a one-off thing? Could there be new music like an EP? Maybe a live performance of Red Record in its entirety? Or is it all a big tease?

Edit: 12/6/2019 at 3:52

It does appear Loudermilk will be back together for an April 2nd show at the Crocodile in Seattle. Thank you to our Facebook fan Shanel Marie for the tip!

The Crocodile