They are everywhere.

Even pointing at your house?

Courtesy NBC Right Now Tri Cities
Courtesy NBC Right Now Tri Cities

Where does one draw the line from security spilling over into invasion of privacy?

One Richland man is asking that question.

Tensions escalated when the non-camera neighbor got a permit to build a fence around his house, but those next door allegedly tore it down and installed several different security cameras on their property, which is completely legal, some standing a foot above the would-be-fence-builder's property, all basically pointing at his house.

He wants them removed, or at least adjusted so that all the cameras are not pointed directly at the back of his house.

It's causing problems with the way the neighbor is living his life. He feels he's constantly being watched and he does not know why. The police say there isn't anything they can do, as the cameras are installed on the neighbor's property. Only if the camera is recording audio would the cameras be illegal.

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