The Oregon coast is gorgeous! If you haven't been you definitely need to plan a trip soon. But, maybe not TOO soon! In the waters along D River Beach in Lincoln City and Twin Rocks Beach near the town of Rockaway Beach they have found fecal matter! The waters have been tested and officials are urging people to stay out of the water. Infected water when swallowed and sometimes even on skin can cause all kinds of issues.

Health officials say visitors should not wade in nearby creeks, pools of water on the beach, or in discolored water. Other activities such as walking or playing on the beach don't pose a health risk. The bacteria can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, skin rashes, upper respiratory infections and other illnesses, according to the Oregon Health Authority.- KGW8

So, you can go to the beach in those areas, just keep clear of the water! No word on when it will be safe to go in to the water again, but by the time it gets warm enough to go in, I'm pretty sure things will be better! To get updates, click here!

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