I have never been a squatter but I would imagine it is extremely risky to do so. It's like a form of stealing, if you ask me. Or is being a squatter simply a case of taking advantage of a rent-free situation?

You might think people who live as squatters have no heart, but I think once we peel behind the layers, we'll find someone who is at a very desperate point in their lives and is trying to take care of the basic human need for shelter. (Like Maslow's hierarchy of needs.)

First, the squatter person(s) would have to be on the lookout for an abandoned place to squat. That requires some detective work.

Next, they would have to be courageous enough to move in, sight unseen, and to live on the property in full public knowledge. In other words, they can't be hiding the fact that they now live there.

Neighbors of the previously unoccupied property will no doubt, be furious about a squatter moving in the neighborhood. After all, they have paid (and likely still are paying) a hefty mortgage to be able to afford the luxury of their home.

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Property owners will be enraged as well to see someone taking adverse possession of their legally obtained home or residence. They can take legal action and sue the squatter, if they want.

What are squatters rights in Washington state?

Squatters Rights Washington State How Long Can You Live in Abandoned Property

In Washington, adverse possession involves living on or inside a property for a minimum length of time. In the world of real estate, this is a property owner's nightmare.

It is a criminal offense to live on a property without paying rent, but you can obtain the legal rights to the home after living on the property publicly for seven years.

Squatters who have taken exclusive use of the property still have to pay property tax, though!

There is a lot more involved to declare squatters rights in Washington state. For a better understanding of squatters rights in Washington, see section Adverse possession under claim and color of title—Payment of taxes in RCW 7.28.070.

Source: TSquareProperties.net


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