(Kennewick, WA) -- The Kennewick Fire Department is releasing more of a detailed account of the fire off the Clover Island Yacht Club that destroyed two boat houses and damaged three others. In a statement released by Kennewick Fire Chief Chad Michael, the first engines heading to the scene were delayed slightly due to a "train preventing a direct response to the incident." When the arrived crews discovered a boat house fire that was threatening several other boat houses nearby.

Other Challenges

Firefighters immediately began attaching fire hoses to a standpipe system on the dock that was intended for use against fires at the marina. But the fire department reports there water supply issues due to the freezing conditions and the standpipe would not work. Crews devised a workaround, which were hampered by the frozen conditions as well. Despite the challenges encountered, firefighters quickly recovered and developed alternative plans. Efforts were focused on protecting nearby boathouses and extinguishing the fire, as there were concerns the blaze could spread to other structures nearby.

Concerns for the environment

The Fire Department says it's estimated that somewhere between 50-150 gallons of boat fuel ended up on the water as a result of the fire. The Department of Ecology will continue to work closely with the Clover Island Yacht Club and the Port of Kennewick on environmental cleanup and the process of removing the destroyed boathouses. No one was injured in the fire. Several other agencies helped out in the fire response, including the Benton County Sheriff and the Kennewick Police Department.

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