(Olympia, WA) -- Washington State Governor Jay Inslee is not pleased over a proposal to expand the Gas Transmission Northwest Xpress pipeline. The Governor sending a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in which he urged members of the commission to reject the plan. He says it does not serve a public need.

The capacity of the Gas Transmission Northwest XPress pipeline would be expanded to meet future needs.  The pipeline runs from Canada through Idaho, Washington and Oregon.  Idaho leaders are support the expansion. Inslee says Washington is working to reduce emissions and expanding natural gas through the pipeline runs contrary to the state's climate goals.

The Letter from Governor Inslee to the commission reads in part:

"Washington has a cap-and-invest program to reduce emissions consistent with our state’s statutory greenhouse gas limits, and a commitment to achieve 100% clean electricity by 2045. We are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to jumpstart clean energy projects, clean up air pollution in overburdened communities and help residents access affordable clean transportation and energy. Expanding fracked gas through the GTN pipeline runs contrary to our climate goals, and risks further costly environmental harm to our state."

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