(Pendleton, OR) -- The Oregon Department of Transportation has closed Interstate 84 from roughly east of Pendleton to LaGrande Thursday night. ODOT says it's due to numerous slide-offs and crashes that are happening because of severe winter weather. The agency, in their alert says Highway 204, also known as Tollgate Highway is also closed to non-local traffic, because it is not a viable detour route for I-84.

Tom Strandberg with ODOT tells Newsradio 610 KONA that other routes may be impacted by the current snowstorm. They are asking you to avoid travel if possible. If you do have to travel, be prepared for delays and winter weather, and stay on main highways. Strandberg says you should not blindly follow GPS navigation devices, as they could lead you onto routes that are in worse condition, or not maintained during winter.

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