(Kennewick, WA) -- Kennewick Fire Department says they were called out to the same home within 24 hours on two separate fire calls. This happened at a home 9004 West Klamath Court Tuesday evening around 5:30pm. Engines from both Kennewick and Richland Fire responded and saw smoke coming from the rear of the home. Firefighters were able to get the blaze out in approximately 20 minutes. Extensive smoke, heat, and fire damage was observed throughout the home, rendering the house unable to be occupied until substantial repair work is completed. Kennewick reports they were called back to the same home around 9am Wednesday morning on another fire call.

According to a press release from Kennewick Fire Department; the homeowner and her daughter discovered the fire when they opened the door leading from the garage to the inside of their home after they pulled into their garage.  Immediately after opening the door, they encountered heavy smoke inside their home.  They immediately exited the home.  The 11-year-old daughter ensured the door was closed behind them when they left.  Fire officials called that a small but important act that helped keep the fire contained inside the home until firefighters could arrive on the scene. No one was hurt.

The cause of the fire is presently undetermined and under investigation.
The Kennewick Fire Department would like to remind everyone to get out and stay out if you have a fire in your house. They say to work with your family to develop a home fire escape plan and practice it.

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