The Washington State Patrol (WSP) will be stepping up their efforts to crack down on dangerous driving during this year's Labor Day Weekend.

"It's still a big weekend for us and we're still out there patrolling," says WSP Trooper Jeremy Weber. "The guys aren't just sitting around doing reports in the office, they're going to be saving those for later and going out there and working the road and showing a presence. Minor fender benders are going to happen but it's peoples lives that we're concerned about and preventing those fatality collisions."

Weber says the same factors that play a role in most injury and fatality crashes will also be the biggest concerns over Labor Day Weekend.

"Excessive speed and impairment will probably always be the two things that we're seeing the most when we have these big holiday weekends. But we still need to mention distracted driving and people failing to yield the right-of-way or bad passing, since those can also play a role in serious collisions as well."

Weber adds that this year's Labor Day Weekend could prove to be a slower one with more congestion on the roadways since there are so many construction zones with 24-hour reduced speed limits happening within the region.

The WSP is advising drivers to remain sober, wear a seatbelt, obey the posted speed limit, avoid distractions, and keep a safe following distance to remain safe this holiday weekend.

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