If you know me, no, I do not count as a Washington Celebrity.

I mean, my mom says I'm special, but that doesn't count.


So who all do we know that are famous from Washington State?

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Bruce Lee.. Whom else?

Let's Start with the Billionaires.

Washington State's Billionaires

Most of us can't fathom a billion dollars - but these residents of Washington State can. They have been acknowledged on the Forbes 2024 Billionaires list. I'm sure you'll recognize the first - but do you recognize them all?

Gallery Credit: Jaime Skelton

Go Melinda and MacKenzie! How cool to see such sucessful ladies make such a prestigious list!

Who all attended School in Washington State? Surely there are notable names.

Other Famous Celebrities Who Went to High School in Washington State

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

Let me just say, Jeffery Dean Morgan, omg He's a dream. I remember when he played in Grey Anatomy, holy lord was I crushing on him hard. And then his Character died, and came back as a ghost. Like come one, him dying was sad enough, and then we had to be teased with him to come back as a ghost?! Couldn't Meredith Grey helped find a solid cure for him? Huh? Ok, I'm going off, but still I said what I said and I stand behind it.


Now, what about the famous people that are no longer with us?

If you've ever loved karate movies, then you might know of one in particular that was burried right here in WA.

These 10 Famous People Are Buried In Washington State

Here are some famous people who are buried in Washington State that you might've forgotten about.

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain are two very notable loses for me, and to have them buried in my how states is morbidly cool? I don't know how to put that without sounding weird, but at least if I wanted to, they are only a day trip away from me.

Do you know any celebrities from WA that we may have missed?

These 5 Infamous Criminals from Washington State are Terrifying

Take a trip down memory lane and discover the five most heinous criminals to ever grace Washington's past. 

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

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