Portland and Seattle recently made the list of best biking cities.

What about Tri-Cities? Sadly, not one made the list. Do you love biking as much as me? I'm an avid fan of cycling, and enjoy outdoor rides that aren't so challenging. While I do LOVE a challenging spin class every now and then, I much prefer a leisurely outdoor ride along a paved trail. And, if there's a river view, even better.

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I did some digging and have what I believe to be the best list of bike trails in Tri-Cities.

You'll have to let us know, which is your favorite? What do you love about biking? Is there a trail NOT on the list?

7 Best Bike Trails in Tri-Cities, Washington

Cycling is HUGE in the P-N-W. Portland, OR is considered the best biking city in the United States. Seattle is ranked #9. Not one of Tri-Cities made the nationwide ranking. However, we do have a lot of fantastic biking trails. We have the 7 best. Do you have a favorite? And, is there one that didn't make our list? Let us know.

Gallery Credit: Patti Banner

Patti Banner
Patti Banner

I've NEVER biked Badger or Candy Mountains and don't know that I could. I have cruised along the paved trail at Leslie Groves Park in Richland many times.

In fact, the City of Richland has implemented a speed limit on shared trails. (Courtesy of Richland CityView)

If you've never experienced Richland's Riverfront Trail, it's amazing. and, everyone can bike or walk it. It's 7 miles and paved. The trail connects Howard Amon Park, Leslie Groves Park, and Washington State University Tri-Cities.

When I lived in Pensacola, FL, I loved biking the endless miles of beautiful, serene beachfront. Huge motels were in development along the Gulf Coast. And, you could cool off by taking a dip in the cool ocean. I'm not too sure I could handle the humidity of Florida today. I love Washington. For more scenic trails in the PNW, go here.

Top 10-Tri-Cities Campgrounds

10 Best Campgrounds in the Tri-Cities

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Washington's Most Watched Birds

Gallery Credit: Patti Banner

Most Iconic Artists/Bands to Play The Gorge Ampitheatre

So many artists have had the privilege to play the Gorge Amphitheater in George, WA. From solo artists to bands and many festivals, including the Sasquatch Festival which takes place every year during the Memorial Day weekend. Has your favorite musician played the Gorge yet?

Gallery Credit: Patti Banner

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