One of my favorite Tri-Cities restaurants is closing for good. I can't believe it.

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Foodies Has Several Locations Around The Tri-Cities

In a community where it seems like we have a lot more "corporate" restaurants compared to locally owned eateries, it's sad to the closure of a popular restaurant.

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Foodies, which is known for some pretty amazing hamburgers, is closing down and the closure is coming quickly.

Foodis menu
Foodis menu

Foodies Was Known For Their Gourmet Hamburgers And Hot Dogs

The closure was posted on their Foodies Facebook page and here is the official statement:

To all my Foodies friends & family-
The past many years of Foodies locations have been more than I could have ever, expected or dreamed of. My goodness, we have so many people to thank who watch and supported our growth, it’s so truly heart felt…and it is with my deepest sorrow that I announce Foodies (both locations) are closing its doors. Sunday, February 11th will be its final day.
For the past 15 years we have put our heart and soul into Foodies catering, Floatin Foodies, Foodies Brick and Mortar, Foodies Too, Foodies on the Go, Foodies on the River.
But, it’s time for me to leave the food & beverage service industry. All of the friendships we have made with you and all of the family we have made with our staff (foodie fooooooo) is what I’ll cherish the most.
We cannot express the tremendous support you have shown our staff and my family. We are truly humbled. And tears of gratitude are continuing to flow as we work through this weekend.
For now, I ask that you give me and my staff privacy as we are all dealing with this announcement.
Thank you for everything.
❤️ Joanna
It's sad to see Foodies close after 15 years but if you get a chance, get in there ASAP to say goodbye before February 11th.

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