The town of Hermiston, Oregon has long been known for its agricultural prowess. It's widely recognized as one of the top producers of potatoes and onions in the nation, but there's another crop that Hermiston could lay claim to—watermelons!

Rik Mikals
Rik Mikals

I first discovered that watermelons were a big deal at the Umatilla County Fair back in 2007. I was set to introduce Williams and Ree when I ran into the Umatilla County Royalty and they were packing some huge watermelons to give to the entertainers. I had to ask about the melons and they said watermelons were a big deal in Hermiston.

I grew up in Washington State and was quite aware of apples and onions but soon discovered that watermelons are a big deal just 20 minutes away from the Tri-Cities.

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I did a quick search and soon discovered that lots of other towns lay claim to being the "watermelon' champion of the world but I think its time for Hermiston to take its rightful place as the legit champion


Here are 3 reasons why Hermiston watermelons stomp out the rest:

With its ideal growing climate and abundant water sources, Hermiston is a prime contender for being proclaimed the Watermelon Capital of the World.

Let's take a look at why this little town should be given such an illustrious title.

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Fertile Soil and Plenty of Sunlight - Hermiston has some of the best soil in the entire country for growing watermelons.

The soil is rich in nutrients, giving watermelons grown in Hermiston an extra kick of flavor compared to those grown elsewhere.

On top of that, Hermiston also gets plenty of sunshine throughout the summer months—just what watermelon plants need to thrive. All these factors make it a perfect place for watermelon farming!


Plentiful Water Supply - watermelons need a steady supply of water throughout their growth cycle.

Luckily, Hermiston has no shortage of irrigation options from nearby rivers and reservoirs. This ensures that farmers have ample access to clean drinking water for their plants as well as enough moisture in the soil to keep them growing strong.

Easy Access to Markets - last but not least, Hermiston is conveniently located near major cities like Portland and Seattle, making it easy for local farmers to get their produce onto store shelves quickly and efficiently.

By marketing their wares through local stores or online retailers, farmers can ensure that their delicious melons are available to everyone looking for a taste.

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so sorry HOPE, ARKANSAS, CORDELE, GEORGIA, WEATHERFORD, TEXAS and BEARDSTOWN, ILLINOIS you don't quite make the cut when you are dealing with delicious watermelon from Hermiston Oregon. You can check out more of the "self-proclaimed" watermelon capitals here.

From its annual festival to its commitment to promoting local produce, there's no doubt that Hermiston deserves to be called “Watermelon Capital Of The World”—so let's give it an official title already

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