The owner of two dogs that attacked a Kennewick woman is facing charges in Benton County Superior Court.

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34-year old Sara Amilia Madrigal is charged with one count of a dangerous dog attack leading to serious injury or death. If found guilty, Madrigal could be sentenced to up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Her court appearance is set for Wednesday, December 20th.

On September 20th the two pitbulls attacked a smaller dog on West Victoria Avenue.

The owner of the smaller dog, Billene "Billi" Cameron tried to stop the dogs from harming her pet. The pitbulls then attacked Cameron and followed her into her home.  Benton County Sheriff's Deputies arrived and provided first aid. Cameron was transported to to Kadlec Hospital where she later died from her injuries.

Madrigal admitted she was the owner of the pitbulls and kept them in her backyard.

According to reports, she admitted that she didn't feel safe with the dogs in the home with her kids and other pets. In 2021 the pitbulls were deemed dangerous after they attacked a man who was trying to get his German Shepherd away from the pitbulls. The man was bit on the hand. According to documents, in 2022 the pitbulls were identified again as dangerous. Madrigal had to apply for permits to keep the pitbulls.

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