Washington State Patrol is asking for your help in a drive by shooting on I-82 in Sunnyside.

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According to to a press release:

On Monday, March 20th, 2023 at approximately 12:50 a.m. a white Nissan Sentra was driving westbound on Interstate 82 between milepost 62 and 63 near Outlook, WA. An unknown vehicle pulled alongside and fired multiple shots at the Nissan. The Nissan was struck multiple times. The unknown vehicle is believed to have been occupied by at least three subjects.

The unknown vehicle continued westbound. It possibly exited the highway between Granger and Toppenish. Two of the four occupants in the Nissan suffered gunshot wounds and were transported to area hospitals for treatment of their injuries. One of the victims had to undergo emergency surgery.

WSP is asking anyone with information about last Monday's incident to contact them at 509-249-6744. If you witnessed the shooting or know anything about the whereabouts of the or the occupants who fled the scene, please contact Washington State Patrol.

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