Are you moving to Washington State? If so, welcome aboard.

There are many things I think people need to know about Washington State but today, I’ll regale you with just five of them.

You’ll want to get your Washington license as soon as you can. Appointments can be made online. (I just love modern conveniences, don’t you?) I suggest you get the Enhanced ID. That way, you can easily travel to Canada and Mexico, by land or sea, at least.

If you’re single, it can get lonely at times, especially during Cuffing Season. (If you don’t know what that is, then don’t worry; it doesn’t apply to you.)
Lonely in WA: Battling Tough Times in Cuffing Season Chaos

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Washington is known for its tremendous natural beauty. We have mountain passes that you’ll have to drive over to get to fun cities like Seattle, Tacoma, and Leavenworth.

Washington is close to Canada, Idaho, and Oregon. Driving will take some time, but it makes for a great road trip.

You can catch up on all your podcasts or audiobooks, or play “Punch Bug” in the car with friends and family if that’s your thing.

Washington may be one of the most laid back states in America, but we know how to get our “tech” on! We’re home to the greats like Microsoft and Amazon.

FUN FACT (that I made up): If you move here, you better love drinking coffee, because you’ll see a coffee shop on every other block!


In The South where I grew up, there was a church on every other block. Out here in Washington State, it’s coffee shops!


It doesn’t always rain in Seattle, just most of the time.


Washington is actually pretty sunny everywhere except in the upper West Side of the state.


People are really big hikers, bikers, and snowshoers in Washington.


You’re gonna see a lot of people wearing Crocs.


If somebody not from around here asks you where you live in Washington state, say the name of your town and you MUST also tell them how far away from Seattle it is. Trust me, they’re not going to look at you sideways and not understand otherwise. 😂

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The best part of living in one of the bigger cities like Seattle or Spokane is leaving for the weekend to go to the rural areas, especially for camping and boating.


The best part of living in a smaller rural city in Washington is heading to one of the bigger cities (or Oregon or Idaho) for the weekend!


Check out these other things to know about moving to Washington state that you definitely need to know!


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