Here are the David Lee Roth era songs Sammy Hagar sang live with Van Halen the most and the least.

Overall, there are not many songs from Van Halen's first six albums with charismatic frontman/showman "Diamond Dave" that have been sung by Hagar. This, in part, helps explain why the fanbase was so divided when the "Red Rocker" took over following Roth's sudden departure in 1985 — an entire era of revolutionary music had more or less vanished before their eyes and, more importantly, their ears.

Hagar and Roth are worlds apart, stylistically, as singers and what he brought to the table during his time in Van Halen is more than worthy of recognition in its own right — every "Van Hagar" album was certified multi-platinum in the U.S., ushering in a new and influential chapter of the Van Halen legacy.

With that much hit material and with some of Hagar's past recorded work also in the mix for Van Halen setlists, the singer didn't need to come in and just keep the old days alive, instead blazing his own trail with the group.

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With the very-handy as our guide, we've tallied how many times Hagar sang those handful of Roth-era selections, and even broke down how many time the tracks were performed during the respective years when Hagar was the frontman.

The David Lee Roth Era Songs Sammy Hagar Sang With Van Halen the Most + Least

The "Red Rocker" only performed a small number of songs from his predecessor's era. One was only played live once!

Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

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