Do you ever wonder what little kids think of when their parents are talented musicians in big bands? Lamb of God's Mark Morton shared a video of his daughter's wholesome reaction to his guitar playing on social media, and it'll make you smile.

Lamb of God had a couple of performances earlier this month, and they're set to head out on the road again for another tour with Pantera starting this Friday (July 28). Fortunately, Morton's been able to get some bonding time in with his family, and shared a video jamming with his youngest daughter on his Instagram.

"Me & the baby child up in the jam room… messing around with my old Jaguar," the rocker wrote in the caption of the video.

The guitarist's daughter lets out a big laugh as he shreds, and proceeds to talk about how big some of the instruments are before getting up and walking away.

Check out the video below. If it doesn't bring you joy, you're probably a psychopath.

Morton obviously values his family greatly. During a chat with Sobre La Dosis' Jonathan Montenegro in early 2022, the musician said that his two daughters are his biggest accomplishment.

"I think my biggest accomplishment are my two daughters. I have a very young daughter — she's brand new, less than a year old — and then I have an 11-year-old daughter. And she's just a wonderful kid, man," he said. "She's a beautiful human being and I'm so proud of her and the person that she is. And to know that I get the honor of raising her and being her father I consider to be my greatest accomplishment, along with my youngest, who's just barely crawling now. So I get the chance to do that all over again."

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In other news, in Morton's most recent post on his Instagram, he expressed his anticipation for Lamb of God's upcoming run with Pantera. The photo is of his lawn, and the caption reads, "Life’s wild… You can be mindin' your own business, cuttin' the front yard on a pretty little Tuesday evening…. and then by Friday night end up playin in a amphitheater with Pantera."

Check out the upcoming dates at this location.

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