After a couple months of mystery, Paramore have made their first announcement about their musical future.

The band revealed that they "are going to continue to have a long career in the music industry," and have revealed that they are now "freshly independent" as recording artists. The comments came in a new post that revealed that their first order of business was to reveal their role as Record Store Day ambassadors for 2024.

What Did Paramore Say About Their Future?

In a post shared through their Instagram account, the band initially offered a graphic pronouncing them as Record Store Day ambassadors for 2024 and a caption sharing, "Paramore is proud to be named the 2024 Record Store Day Ambassador."

But a second slide on the Instagram post revealed their lengthy statement. It reads as follows:

After a long career in the music industry, we have decided to announce that we are going to continue to have a long career in the music industry (sorry for any inconvenience).

Our first order of business as a freshly independent Paramore is to shine a light on independent records stores - a vital part of our journey from music obsessed school friends to professional music makers.

With that being said, we are humbled to be your ambassadors for Record Store Day 2024. The timing feels kismet.

The discovery of music was always meant to be romantic. Indie record shops are some of the only spaces we've got that offer a tangible, tactile experience of music discovery.

In this world that feels more disconnected and hostile than ever, it feels important to remain in touch (literally) with what inspires us, empowers us, or simply brings us joy.

Thankfully, for all our sakes, there still survives among the chaos, the purity and radical simplicity of a great record store.

Independently yours,


Why Was There Concern Over Paramore's Future?

In mid-December, the band shared a somewhat cryptic interview excerpt that suggested "all three members agreed there's a level of uncertainty" about their future. But those who clicked on the UPROXX interview saw that the excerpt was part of a larger thought that included this passage with band comments, "But one thing’s for sure — they’re still going to be together, and they’re still going to keep having fun. 'The only thing that matters is we will still get to be each other's community,' Williams says. Farro agrees, 'I just hope we can keep building the Paramore empire and then rule the world.' And wherever they end up, the massive community of fans Paramore has cultivated will be here for them, too."

Just after Christmas, all of the band's social media accounts were wiped clean and their website was deleted, leading to confusion amongst fans. In early January, the band bowed out of the Alter Ego radio festival in Los Angeles and three more festival appearances were soon called off as well.

A day after the band's Alter Ego cancellation, Variety reported that sources close to the band confirmed that the group's absence from their social media and website were the result of the band's contract with Atlantic Records coming to its conclusion, effectively making them free agents.

By January 10, Paramore finally returned to social media with a post on their Instagram teasing their involvement with a Talking Heads tribute album. They've since used Instagram to also speak about their first-ever Grammy wins. But the Record Store Day post was the first that has addressed their future since their social media was wiped clean in December.

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Paramore's Known Future

Though Paramore bowed out of several early 2024 concert appearances, one thing that has remained through the mystery is that the group will join Taylor Swift on tour in Europe this summer. The group will be primary support on the run that spans a May 9 start in Paris and concludes on Aug. 17 in London.

With Paramore's site deleted, you can look for tickets through Taylor Swift's website.

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