Riot Fest, after making a big announcement yesterday (June 11), has just unveiled what it is calling "RiotLand."

This new pursuit was teased as the festival announced it is leaving Douglass Park, its Chicago home for the last 10 years, for a new location. We've now learned that this year's festival will be held at SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview, Illinois.

It appears to promise an all-new layout that will make Riot Fest feel like a fresh experience.

Here is a map showing the new and old locations.

Riot Fest SeatGeek Stadium
Google Maps

One of the most immediate benefits compared to the Douglass Park location of the last 10 years is that there will be on-site parking for fans.

Another perk that hasn't been broadcasted is that, obviously, a stadium has genuine bathroom facilities (indoor plumbing). We'll know more details as Riot Fest unveils them, but it appears there may be a chance you can go to all three days and not use a port-o-potty.

Riot Fest are notorious for teasing fans, so we know this is just the beginning.

When Is Riot Fest 2024?

This year's Riot Fest will be held on Sept. 22-24.

What Is This Year's Lineup?

The Riot Fest lineup will be unveiled at 11AM ET.

Statement From Riot Mike on Leaving Douglass Park

On Tuesday (June 11), Riot Fest published a video with a written statement from co-founder Riot Mike announcing the festival would be leaving Douglass Park after 10 years at the Chicago location.

In the statement, which can be read in full below, he placed the blame solely on the Chicago Park District. Riot Mike also hinted at something called RiotLand, saying "it's something like you've never seen before."

Dearest Fans,

You find me penning this letter at the end of what was built—the culmination of the wildest journey Riot Fest has traveled.

Several weeks ago, I had enough. I was tired of Riot Fest continually being the lowest hanging fruit. I was tired of playing their games. I was tired of watching something I love being continually used to deflect away from their own internal deficits. This prevented us from giving you the experience you deserve.

So, it became evident change was needed. Riot Fest will be leaving Douglass Park. And—allow me to be as clear as the azure sky of the deepest summer-our exodus is solely because of the Chicago Park District. Their lack of care for the community, you, and us, ultimately left us no choice.

But then there's Alderwoman Monique Scott. She is righteous. Caring. Passionate. She is one of us. The hardest conversation I've had regarding our departure was with her. It was filled with tears and sadness because Riot Fest has real meaning within the 24th Ward and vice versa. We're not abandoning the community here... we're taking them on this journey as well.

Though our curtains may have closed in Douglass Park, another one has opened.

It's called RiotLand.

It's something like you've never seen before. And it's far overdue.

So perhaps for one last time, allow your humble guide to take you to the front gates of a place where all of you can choose your own adventures. That would mean the world to me and the friends we're bringing along because without you—the fans—there would be no soul to what we do.

Only at RiotLand.

Your chum,
Riot Mike

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Get more information at the Riot Fest website.

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