In response to Sebastian Bach's recent comments about Falling In Reverse and their singer, Ronnie Radke has shared two explosive videos, calling Bach out while also appearing to leak screenshots of a private video.

The beef between the two dates back to 2022 when Falling In Reverse made headlines and drew commentary from others (Sebastian Bach and Eddie Trunk) for having to cancel a show because their laptops went missing.

Bach and Radke sparred the most and a Bach look-alike was even seen getting hit in the face with laptops raining down from the sky in Falling In Reverse's "Watch the World Burn" video.

Things had died down, but Bach, in a recent fan Q&A with Metal Hammer, claimed he had no idea who Radke was when asked if he'd ever make peace with the vocalist.

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This caught Radke's attention, prompting his video response where he proceeds to tear Bach down with a barrage of personal insults.

As his rant progresses, Radke shifts his attention to a video he claims to have seen, alleging it contains footage of the former Skid Row singer naked fetching a ball with his mouth. A screenshot of this supposed footage reflects the nature of the content described by Radke and a followup video shows another screenshot of the alleged Bach in the nude on the ground on all fours.

Below is a full transcript of Radke's first video response issued on Instagram:

This message is for Sebastian Bach. [Reads news headline on screen] 'Sebastian Bach on Ronnie Radke: I don't know who that is.'

Sebastian, you know exactly who I am. You talked a lot of crap about me for years. Also, another reason why I know you're lying is because this is Elvis Baskette [photo of producer appears on screen].

And I know you know who that is because he did your newest album. And Elvis Baskette did Dying Is Your Latest Fashion from Escape the Fate. He did three or four albums of my first albums. And he probably had them hanging all over his walls and stuff. And I'm sure my name got brought up a few times since I've known Elvis since I was literally a teenager.

So this whole pretending that you don't know I exist is just so phony, just like everything else. That's why nobody likes you. Your band doesn't want you back. They never want you back. You're literally the most insufferable human being of all time — with terrible vocals.

You know what's cool about me is that my old band, Escape the Fate, they're still my friends. I have lifelong friends. You have no lifelong friends. Nobody likes you. And that's a sad, miserable existence because you have to play covers of Skid Row songs cause your own band doesn't even want you back at the blackjack table at the Excalibur at the circle bar at like midnight when you're exhausted for a 60 year-old-man that looks like Donald Trump meets Caitlyn Jenner.

[alleged screenshot of Sebastian Bach naked with a ball in his mouth]

Also, Sebastian, I have a video of you that you don't want out. And I'm not gonna... I'm never gonna put it out. I'm never gonna put it out. I'm not the one — somebody else has this. A lot of people have this video.

You know what this video is? [makes dog woofing noises] 'Go fetch the ball. Go fetch the ball, Sebastian.' No? You remember that one? I saw how your dick is small too. You have a tiny dick. You're like 6'8" with the fucking smallest dick I've ever seen in my fucking life. It's insane. I can't believe your dick is so small 'cause you're so tall. You're like tall and big, dude. So it's so bizarre that you're like a fucking tall giant with a tiny ass dick. Your dick is tiny, bro.

And I'm telling you right now, leave me the fuck alone, you washed up piece of shit loser.
Fuck you. Fuck anybody that actually pretends to be your friend and fuck everything you stand for, you loser. Have a nice day, fucker.

Loudwire is electing not to embed the two posts on Ronnie Radke's Instagram page containing the alleged video materials.

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