Here are all of the songs Judas Priest have never played live.

With 19 albums to draw from, from 1974's Rocka Rolla debut through 2024's Invincible Shield, there's quite a lot of songs to consider when creating a setlist. Of course, much of any veteran band's is typically loaded with the expected hits, there's always room for some new material and a maybe a deep cut or two.

Over the last few years, in the Richie Faulkner era, Judas Priest have looked beyond the usual suspects and have been breaking out rarities and never-before-played tracks pretty frequently. It's incredibly refreshing for fans who have been going to Priest concerts for years and a firm acknowledgement that this band is about so much more than just the hits.

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This is a beloved, deep discography and Judas Priest fans all have their favorite eras. And there's dozens of songs that haven't been played that we'd all love to see.

While 80 songs does seem like a lot, that number fares a bit better once you learn that over one-quarter of those are all from one album!

See all the songs the Metal Gods have never played live below (stats courtesy of

The Songs Judas Priest Have Never Played Live

With 19 albums to their name, Judas Priest have a massive catalog to pull from. Here are the songs they've never played live. Hopefully one day!

All stats courtesy of Last updated June 12, 2024.

Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

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