Jamba Juice is a smoothies shop that blends juices and supplements together for berry and mango concoctions that are kind of like a Slurpee for people coming home from the gym.

In many places you'll always see them in the hands of women wearing yoga pants or high school kids seeking a "light lunch." I've had several and enjoyed them. I think the franchise will do well in Queensgate.

It will be taking the place of Boehm's Candy. I'm not sure if they're closing that store or just moving locations. In my mind, Boehm's belong in places with a lot of foot traffic and that's more of a "drive-thru strip mall." On the other hand, if people are used to going there for Starbucks, it's logical they will stop by for a smoothie instead.

Jamba Juice should be open by New Year's. I was planning on buying some Boehm's for the holidays so I better find another location!