Last night the Kennewick Police were called out to Bank of America located at 3420 W. Kennewick Ave for a Burglary in progress. Here's what went down:

b of a robbery 2

In a press release from the Kennewick Police Departement here are the details:

On 10-29-19, at 2220 hours, officers responded to the Bank of America on West Kennewick Avenue for a burglary in progress. A suspect had made entry into the bank and started opening cash drawers. Unbeknownst to the suspected burglar, a janitor was in the location. The janitor called police and placed himself into a safe place in the bank. Police took Oscar Garcia, age 25, into custody. Garcia was allegedly armed with a firearm at the time of arrest. He was booked on the allegation of burglary in the first degree. The case is still under investigation If someone has information that they would like to provide while remaining confidential, they may call the Crime Stoppers line at 586-TIPS (8477), 1-800-222-TIPS

Pretty frightening for the Janitor!

B of A robbery

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