Jason Bonham, the son of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, has been touring for a few years with the successful Led Zeppelin Experience, a tribute to his dad and one of rock and roll's most influential bands. The tour is looking to step up their production by using a hologram version of the elder Bonham so that father and son can rock out 'together'.

In a recent chat with Legendary Rock Interviews, Jason revealed his plan

It’s been fun and it’s important to me to have something in addition to the music, that was the whole point of it. When I first started doing this I was working with some of the people behind some of the biggest tribute tours like Pink Floyd Experience, the Beatles, and now I’m doing it. It’s imperative that I continue putting together the best shows and take it to the next level. I’m talking to people about holograms and my dream is to do the hologram drum solo with Dad next to me.

However, it remains to be seen if it's technically possible to pull it off, since footage of John Bonham with Led Zeppelin, shot in the '70s, might not be high-quality enough to convert into a hologram.

There’s so much more that I would love to do but obviously I am limited somewhat as far as the footage that I have and the quality of the footage. These guys were operating in the 1970s and it’s not at all like it is today where everybody can record everything with a phone or digital camera. Back in those days if you had a camera that could record video, you were well off, and to be able to be proficient enough to edit or work with it or process it and release it was a whole other matter. It wasn’t as instant of a thing as it is now. I am trying to work with the limited footage I have, to put it together in a way that works and is purposeful.

Coachella brought back Tupac using a hologram at their annual festival in 2012. The hip hop idol was spitting verses side-by-side with his fellow west coasters Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. After that performance, rumors began swirling as to who the next big hologram concert would be. We may have our answer.

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