I declare today 'John Belushi Day'! My junior high and high school days may have gone a little different if John Belushi wasn't in the picture.   Although, I did not party like all of the other wake jobs at my school since I was raised LDS, John Belushi filled my afternoons and Saturday nights with laughter and happiness. I never missed and episode of Saturday Night Live.

He was 33 when he died and March 5th, 2015 he will have been gone 33 years. It is kind of a 'golden holiday' for him. I declare this day to be 'John Belushi Day'!

He died from being injected with a 'Speedball' which is a mixture of cocaine and heroine. I wonder what he would be like today if he were still alive.

Here are my favorite John Belushi stuff and may god me laughing in heaven with your antics Mr. Belushi!

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