Now, this is what we call beating the system. A South Florida-based billionaire has legally (and perhaps brilliantly, if it pays off) adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend and not because they are into some seriously creepy role playing that they’ve taken a bit too far outside of the bedroom.

Rather, according to WFTV, experts believe John Goodman (yeah, we laughed too, but not THAT John Goodman) likely orchestrated the adoption in order to protect his fortune. He stands accused of killing a student from the University of Central Florida in an alleged drunk driving incident and the adoption safeguards his assets in the wrongful death suit.

The backstory is that Goodman was drunk when he crashed into a car driven by Scott Wilson, 23, in 2010. He is slated to go on trial and face charges of DUI manslaughter next month and Wilson’s parents are calling out the adoption, saying it’s a financial chess move.

“Here, she becomes a beneficiary of a trust and arguably because she’s 42 years old is now immediately entitled to her prorate or 1/3 share of the trust,” said trust attorney John Moran. “It should be interesting. This battle is long from over.”

We had a cousin that tried to adopt his wife but ended up just putting her in a basket on the steps of church. She found her way back. They always do.

[Via WFTV]