The families have been burying their loved ones this week after the horrific events last week in Newtown, Connecticut. There has been visitors from all across the nation visiting to show their support, including legendary musician Paul Simon and New York Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz.

Today, Jonny Hetherington from Art of Dying took to Facebook to show his support for those last in Sandy Hook Elementary.


I recently brought a piano into my life and it's bringing new musical expressions to the surface. After last weeks's tragedy I find the words to "Sorry" have taken on a new meaning. Life is so precious. I'd like to dedicate this piano version of "Sorry" to the victims and their families.
This is my first piano post ever, a solo version of "Sorry" at home in my studio. If you believe it's important to say you're sorry to the one's you love, especially at this time of year, share this emotional version of the song.
-Jonny Hetherington