It's quite surprising cereal executives didn't come up with this concept sooner as I'm just as likely to chow down on a late night bowl of cereal these days as I am to devour one for breakfast. But what if you're out of milk?

Well, the cereal killers at Kellogg's, they feel you.

Kellogg's just announced a new product called Jumbo Snax.  Basically, they took cereals like Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes, made larger versions of the cereal pieces, each now about the size of a quarter, and put them in little single-serving bags so you can eat them as a snack, like chips or popcorn, milk required.

All four Jumbo Snax varieties come in two sizes – 6-ounce multi-serve resealable bags for a suggested price of $4.99, and a 12-pack of  0.45-ounce bags for a suggested price of $5.49.

The four cereals are:  Froot Loops,  Frosted Flakes inspired Tiger Paws, Apple Jacks and Corn Pops.

They'll go on sale next month.

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