Welcome back, Kaleo! After breaking globally in 2016 with their A/B album and the hit single "Way Down We Go," the Icelandic rockers are back on the scene with two new songs to share -- "I Want More" and "Break My Baby."

Both songs were penned by the group's frontman JJ Julius Son, who gets a chance to showcase his soulful yet powerful vocals on each track. Shortly after the band concluded promotion of A/B in 2018, they entered the studio and and their still untitled next album is expected later this year via Elektra/Atlantic.

“I think that's just me growing up as a musician and as a listener. I would get so bored if I had to do the same thing or have to be boxed in and told what to do,” JJ adds of the evolution of Kaleo’s sound. “Artistically, there's too many colors to just paint in black and white. So that's just my creative process. I didn't know that I could sing falsetto until I wrote ‘All the Pretty Girls,’ and I didn’t really whistle until I wrote ‘Automobile.’”

You can hear that whistle playing a role in the more tender "I Want More," while "Break My Baby" is a bit more hooky and groovy, showcasing the range of his vocal and a gritty, bluesy approach.

“The songs cry out for a certain sound and then I have to go and serve the song,” Julius Son shares. He continues, “It was really special to create this music while traveling the world — a studio in Greece, string players in Los Angeles at Capitol Studios, sessions at Aeronaut Studios in Reykjavik, Iceland and countless hours in Nashville across Sound Emporium, Blackbird, Ocean Way and RCA’s Historic Studio A. Each session further enriching the sound and bringing their own unique elements to the surface.”

The singer concludes, “All that to say, I simply hope what we’ve created makes you feel something… if so, then that’s amazing.”

Check out the lyrics and the songs below and stay tuned for more from Kaleo coming later in 2020. If you like what you hear, both songs are available via the platform of your choosing here.

Kaleo, "I Want More" Lyrics

Feels like the weight has been lifted away
But if she leaves me there I won’t run
Please pass it on
Carry me down

All you need to know is I want more
Looking for, more
I want more, more
I want more

So light
Hold back the night, wait until it’s right
But then you fold your hand into mine
Watch as the waves, fall back into place
Don’t you leave me there wanting more

More, like before, more
I want more, more
I want more

Turn back
Leave all you had
Forgive, I’ll forget
‘Cause what we need is what we once had
Time won’t stand still
Just say you will
Because I need you there

If you leap I’ll come
Falling too
Running deep ‘till that
Rivers through

I don’t mind what you have to do
I won’t think less, less of you

I want more...

Old grounds
Feels like the weight
Has been lifted away
So don’t you leave me there wanting more

Kaleo, "I Want More"

Kaleo, "Break My Baby" Lyrics

Sun is down on east side
While we all turn a blind eye
You know I’ve got your back
But would you ever do that for me?

Billy boy he’s gifted
You know you can’t deny it
Don’t leave us empty handed
Cause you know we don’t deserve that
From you

I want to break my baby
You know she loves to fake it
I want to break my baby
Hold her down
Bring her down now

They’ll take you in
And spit you out
You’re only worth how much you sell

You’ve come too far
We both agree
Just give the people what they need

Will you turn away
Or will you take my place
Does it start to show
Now that the pressure is on
Will they call my name
When it all goes up in flames
Will you, be by my side

I want to break my baby
You know she loves to fake it
I want to break my baby

Kaleo, "Break My Baby"

Update: Kaleo have now announced that 'Surface Sounds' will be the title of their forthcoming album, due June 5 via Elektra / Atlantic. Check out the artwork and track listing below.

Kaleo, Surface Sounds Artwork + Track Listing

Elektra / Atlantic
Elektra / Atlantic

Brother Run Fast
Break My Baby (produced by Mike Elizondo and co-produced by JJ Julius Son)
Alter Ego
Free the Slave
Hey Gringo
The USA Today (produced by Shawn Everett and JJ Julius Son)
My Fair Lady
I Want More (produced by JJ Julius Son)
I Walk on Water (co-written with David Antonsson)
Into My Mother’s Arms (produced by JJ Julius Son)

Elektra / Atlantic
Elektra / Atlantic

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