There is not wanting to go to jail, and then there is REALLY not wanting to go to jail. Desperate people do desperate things including uttering the phrase, "don't try and arrest me, if you come any closer, I'll slit my throat."

A wild tale from the Kennewick Police Department.

At 12:12 p.m. today, March 24, 2021, Kennewick Police Officers were dispatched to a 911 call in the area of 130 S. Conway Pl.

Dispatch could hear a female caller sobbing, but not talking on the phone, while a male voice was uttering vulgarities in the background. The line then went dead. Soon after, an additional citizen called 911 to report that 32-year old Seth Pearce was attempting to chop down the door of his significant other.

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Officers located the apartment the victim was in and were able to get her and her small children out quickly. It was further reported that Pearce threatened to kill the victim while he was breaking her property.

He was armed with a hammer initially and bolted through a back window of the apartment as additional officers were arriving on scene. Pearce also armed himself with a large hunting style knife in his other hand and was displaying both as he disregarded officers commands.

Law enforcement then attempted to deescalate the situation while following Pearce on foot giving him numerous orders to comply.

Officers followed him on foot from the location on S. Conway St. down to W. 4th Ave where he crossed the highway and then continued slowly east on W. 4th Ave.

KPD Facebook
KPD Facebook

Pearce held the knife to his own throat in what appeared to be a final attempt to stop the cops from arresting him. Officers deployed 'less lethal munitions' that were successful and Pearce put both the knife and hammer down before being taken into custody.

Kennewick Fire Department medics responded to the scene for an initial evaluation and Pearce was medically cleared at a local hospital before being booked on charges of Felony Threats-DV, Malicious Mischief-DV, Obstructing Public Servant and Resisting Arrest.

You can watch a citizen captured video of the incident posted to the KPD Facebook page.

KPD is full of gratitude that the victim along with her children will be safe today and that this incident was able to be resolved without any further use of force.

KPD has pledged to work with their partners at Lourdes Crisis and the Mobile Outreach Program who will be following up in the Benton County Jail to offer mental health services.

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