A Kennewick man and two men from California were arrested in Oregon on I-5 with pounds of drugs when they were pulled over for a dumb offense. Cesar Martinez, a 26 year old from Kennewick, was the driver of a 2002 Mercedes C320 when he was spotted by a Springfield trooper following too close according to the OSP flash alert page. The trooper pulled him over in Cotton Grove and observed signs of criminal activity and called for backup. An Oregon State Police Drug Detection Canine arrived and searched the car finding 1.2 pounds of Heroin and 1.5 pounds of Marijuana in the Mercedes.

Martinez and the other two men, Jose E. PINEDA 26, and Jayson J. MCKINLEY 29, were all arrested and booked in the Lane County Correctional Facility for Unlawful Possession of Heroin. Martinez also was charged with following too close and driving while suspended,

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