Bolt with beer.

Chug under Cable Bridge.

Arrested by police in mid-consumption.

A Kennewick man allegedly shoplifted some brews from the Metro Mart on Columbia Drive in Kennewick then proceeded to the under belly of the Cable Bridge to consume his illegally obtained intoxicants and in true buzz-killing-fashion the cops show up to pop him right as the warmth and glow of the sweet liquor was just beginning to ease his pain. He still had two full tall boys to go before Jack Webb showed up.

Divulge the man's name?

No, thank you. If you must know it's in the link above.

If your life is so bad and it's come to a point where you're dashing with swiped booze to make it to the bridge to chug it, and you're okay with that, I just hope while incarcerated and maybe more importantly after, do some serious reflection on how to change things so they can get better. Only a person can make the choice to make a change. Maybe a lesson in there for everyone.

Good luck to you brother. You always have options.


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