So this guy walks into the new next door fire station after burning himself saying there's still a small fire next door.....ok....stop me if you heard this one....

Oven Fire
Getty Images - John Pratt

According to firefighters they were surprised when the man living next to the just opened Fire Station #5 on South Kellogg in Kennewick came in about 11:30 in the morning with hot grease burns saying there was still a small fire at his place and he could use some help.

Some firefighters looked after his burns while others rushed about 25 yards next door with fire extinguishers. The fire was quickly put out keeping damage to the stove and exhaust fan. Battalion Chief Mike Barnett said the man was injured when he tried to carry hot grease outside after the fire. Barnett said people should never carry grease until it is cool and always have a fire extinguisher rated for grease fires in the house. The victim was later treated at Trios Southridge Hospital.

Believe it or not, walk-in business at fire stations? Not that uncommon.

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