A Kennewick mom is facing federal charges after blowing up her laundry room.

Lenne Parsons, 34, told authorities she was learning to make hash oil by watching YouTube videos.

She's been indicted for putting her four young children in danger. She and one child were taken to the hospital for injuries.

Felony charges, however, were dismissed by a local court. She's still looking at 10 years behind bars if she's convicted of other charges in federal court.

At the time of the explosion, all her children were eating lunch in the nearby dining room when the laundry room had a small fire.

Police searched her home and confiscated seven 1-gallon bags of marijuana and 12 cans of butane.

Another person from Kennewick is facing similar charges after an explosion in his townhouse while he was manufacturing marijuana oil. He is facing 20 years in prison. The explosion damaged his home and a neighbor's. Both incidents happened last year.

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