The Kennewick Police Department not only protects and serves humans, but every once in a while, they are heroes to our furry and feathery friends as well. A baby owl was discovered by two ladies driving around in Kennewick. According to the Facebook post, Alyssa Williams and her girlfriend were driving by and noticed the animal in the road. They thought it was a cat and stopped to help the little guy, and upon closer inspection discovered it was an owl! They scooped up the tiny bird in a sweatshirt, and called the KPD non-emergency line for assistance.

Officers arrived on the scene and carefully put the little guy in to a box and called Blue Mountain Wildlife to assist with the bird. Check out the video of the ADORABLE creature below. Not sure of the status of the owl as of right now, but chances are he's doing MUCH better than he would have on his own! So cool that he was found and will be taken care of. Way to go Alyssa and KPD!! Harry Potter would be so proud! ;)



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