Some people have smelly feet because they work hard and sweat, but Kennewick police found one man’s socks were off for a whole different reason.

Arias Arturo, a 24-year-old Kennewick man, was arrested on Wednesday morning when police stopped him for a traffic offense. He might have been speeding or changed lanes illegally, maybe even tailgated another car. Police didn’t say.

Arturo went to jail because there is a warrant for his arrest regarding charges of driving while his license was suspended, according to Kennewick police. He is looking at another charge of driving while his license is suspended after he was pulled over on Wednesday.

When he went to jail, the corrections officers found something odd about his socks. The pipe and small bindle of white powder were hidden inside of them.

Police said they suspect the powder is methamphetamine, but need to have it tested to be sure.

If it is, Arturo could face a drug charge in addition to his driving issues.

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