Talk about a scary scenario. What would you do if you encountered a man threatening you with a pickax and a knife? A quick-thinking woman didn't skip a beat and called 9-1-1 with her cell phone.

Man brandishing knife in a threatening manner.
Kevin Brine

Kennewick Police Officers were called out to a disturbance in the 4700 Block of West Metaline Avenue on Thursday. Upon arrival, the female victim told police that she was in the process of exiting her apartment when she encountered a man armed with a pickax in one hand and a knife in the other.

The victim had her cell phone and told the suspect she was calling 9-1-1. The suspect replied, "Do it" while making stabbing motions at her, and then ran away. The suspect fled and stole a bike from a residence in the 600 block of North Arthur.

Officers located the suspect, Miles Skerbeck about 45 minutes later near North Edison and West Hood, where he ditched the bicycle and his belongings. A foot chase ensued with officers following Skerbeck, jumping many fences in the process.

Skerbeck was eventually apprehended in an unoccupied apartment in the 500 block of North Arthur.

Skerbeck was arrested and booked into the Benton County Jail. He faces multiple charges including Felony Assault, Resisting Arrest, and Burglary.

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