Kennewick Police are urging helpful citizens to just say no to panhandling and give your change to a local charity's their post and request

say no

Keep the change, donate to local charities
The Kennewick Police Department’s primary objective is public safety. One of the challenges that we face related to pedestrian and traffic safety is panhandling. Panhandling creates hazards for vehicles and drivers as cars stop in traffic to donate. It also creates hazards for pedestrians as they are sometimes forced to walk around panhandlers belongings piled on the sidewalk.

We recognize that often people need assistance. As we have seen over and over we have a very generous community who is eager to reach out and help others. We would encourage people instead of giving at street corners to give to local charities that can help solve the long term problems.

In the coming weeks the City of Kennewick will be placing signs at various locations in Kennewick to help remind the community that there is a better way to help those in need.
For a list of local charities that take donations click the button



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