A serial cat killer continues to perform his or her heinous, dastardly acts, as a seventh feline, yet another Kennewick resident's precious pet, was found cut in half in the 8000 block of W. 10th Ave.

The grisly discoveries began in late May and over the past few weeks, seven total cats have been found dissected or decapitated and left on the side of the road.

On June 4, the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter reported that the first cat killing happened in late May, the second in early June.

Tri-Cities Animal Shelter and Kennewick Police confirmed that a seventh killed cat had been killed through an announcement on Tuesday morning.

Police believe the killings are all related.

Police say the cats were found in the following locations:

  • 1000 block of N. Pittsburgh St.
  • 900 block of N. Kellogg St.
  • 4000 block of S. Anderson St.
  • 17th Ave. and Kellogg St.
  • 900 block of S. Auburn St.
  • 1100 block of West Park Hills Dr.
  • 8000 block of W. 10th Ave.

Just Joel's Facebook page raised the reward for catching the perpetrator to at least $4000 on June 12, saying,

Just got dropped off another thousand cash for the Cat Reward ... still here !! We arent playin ... 4000 dollars and an envelope full of various cash donations .... let em know !!!

Shortly after the first cat was found, Just Joel's offered a $1000 reward, and the community continues to step up to with more money to try and get this to stop once and for all.

Detectives continue their investigation into the string of killings. Anyone with relevant information may call dispatch at 509-628-0333.

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