Shopping is one activity that hasn't been deterred during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In fact, a new thrift shop recently opened in Kennewick.

Tri-City Treasures opened up for business on Tuesday as a non-profit organization, hoping to help the Tri-Cities homeless. The new store is working in association with Clean Sweeps, an organization dedicated to giving back to the community. Clean Sweeps also helps addicts through the process of getting CLEAN.

Both organizations are collecting donations of winter clothing items, including hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, coats, and jackets.

I'm a fan of thrift shops and have been shopping at them for years. I've purchased everything from home decor to clothing.

The new thrift shop is located at 2913 West Kennewick Avenue, next to Harbor Freight in Kennewick. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am till 6 pm, and Sunday from 1 pm to 6 pm.

As an added incentive, shoppers will receive 10% off their purchase for items donated through the end of the month.

Joyce Grace
Joyce Grace

You can drop off your donations during business hours at Tri-City Treasures or call 509-783-0405 to arrange a pick-up time.

Read more about how Tri-City Treasures came to be and who's behind the operation through our local news partners KAPP/KVEW.

For more resources to help the Tri-Cities homeless population, click the button below.

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