A local coffee shop is asking customers to mask up for safety due to riding Covid cases in our area. Traveler Espresso posted the message to customers on their Facebook page Monday morning.

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According to our news partners at KEPR, Owner Zach Case made the decision to mask up after an acquaintance was put on a ventilator over the weekend.

Traveler Espresso is located at 320 North Kellog Street in Kennewick. The coffee shop is open from 7 am till 3 pm Monday through Saturday.

Who else is required to mask up?

For students (K-12th grade) and staff heading back to the classrooms this Fall, masks are mandatory.

A quick Google check reveals that Target and Walmart will restore mask requirements in areas with high rates of Covid-19 infections

How many new Covid cases?

According to the Benton Franklin Health District, 474 new Corona Virus cases have been confirmed in the Tri-Cities on Tuesday, August 3rd.

The Delta variant is the major source of Covid cases in Washington.

As of now, most people who have been vaccinated are NOT required to mask up at businesses.

Traveler Espresso may not be the only business to require masks. Keep them handy in your car. Don't throw the masks away just yet.

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