The Kennewick Police Department announced in a press release a new partnership with SPIDR Tech, the world's first customer service infrastructure platform built exclusively for law enforcement.

Now more than ever, law enforcement agencies realize how crucial their relationship with its community begins with its customers. In order to build trust and goodwill, the contacts made and the interactions between law enforcement and community members must be candid and transparent, any negative effects or outcomes are usually super-amplified in the social media/information age.

Building upon best practices in the private sector, and driven by years of on-the-ground experience in law enforcement, the SPIDR Tech Platform is specifically designed to help law enforcement agencies improve public perception, decrease liability, and boost staff efficiency.

The SPIDR Tech Platform enables law enforcement agencies to automatically send one-to-one text messages, emails and mobile-friendly surveys to crime victims, reporting parties and other members of the community. These messages are triggered by RMS and CAD data.

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This partnership has expanded the Kennewick Police Department's capabilities in community engagement efforts by enabling them to send fully automated messages to victims of crimes and 911 callers.

When 911 is contacted in Kennewick, a message will acknowledge the call for service, provide the call reference number and advise if officers are delayed. The Kennewick Police Department is committed to the safety of the community and this information helps to close the communication gaps between the 911-call taker, the officers and the community member.

A SPIDR Tech statement read in part: “As stated by Chief Hohenberg, Kennewick P.D.'s first commitment to the community is to consistently earn the public's trust. We're proud to partner with them to help them do exactly that."

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