Making the most of his moment, and capitalizing on a time window before his actions were discovered, the Kennewick Police Department beseeches your assistance in identifying and/or contacting this guy,

KPD Facebook 8-26-20

the main suspect in the case of stealing a vehicle that looks a lot like this 2018 Toyota Forerunner Limited from a house in west Kennewick,

KPD Facebook 8-26-20

then proceeding to rack up a bunch of charges on stolen credit cards that were in the vehicle.

If you can help, KPD would certainly appreciate it.

Here's the official word from the KPD Facebook page:

On 08/25/20, a white 2018 Toyota Forerunner Limited was stolen from an address in west Kennewick. Since the time of the theft, the suspect has used credit cards belonging to the victim at several locations in the Tri-Cities. The Kennewick Police Department is attempting to identify this subject as a person of interest. Also pictured is a stock photo of a vehicle similar to the one stolen. If you have information on this crime, please contact non-emergency dispatch at (509) 628-0333. (KPD #20-34185)

That is one of the better pictures we've seen from law enforcement, so it shouldn't take too long for someone to step forward and speak up as to who he is and maybe where he can be located.

Besides the Facebook post, a press release was also issued by KPD, but it is unclear what local businesses were scammed with the stolen credit cards. Some form of disclosure about the vicinity of businesses affected might be helpful.