As most of you know I'm a big time fan of the Kansas Jayhawks. I have been most of my life and it comes from my father who grew up in Kansas City and graduated from the University of Kansas so I guess I can say I have been chanting  "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" since I could talk. I'm not just a bandwagon jumper because the teams gonna help my bracket I pick Kansas to win almost every year in almost every bracket. I of course get the "really Kansas to win it all, why even pick brackets when you know your gonna lose". Well this year it's worked well enough to keep me in the running for 3 out of my 6 brackets, so to those that bad mouthed my picks this year I say check the brackets again my good friend. I'm not here to brag about my bracket picks I'm here to boast about my team. 

This Monday night Kansas takes on the University of Kentucky Wildcats for the National Championship.

Cats may eat birds but this year the KU claws are sharp and ready to fight Monday night. Game time is roughly 6:30pm and you'll be able to find me cheering for my favorite team at Kennewick Jackson's with some Kentucky fans but when the horn sounds at the end of the game I hope to be silent, standing with my hands held high as another Championship trophy heads to Lawrence Kansas for the University of Kansas.


Also a big shout out to Red Line Chemistry who reigns from Kansas City and a few of the guys are die hard Jayhawk fans. I've been keeping in touch with them over the past few weeks as the Jayhawks have fought their way back to the National Championship game.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!