Metallica fans have been clamoring for a new album and it looks like the band finally has the desire and time to deliver. After spending the year working on their 'Metallica Through the Never' 3D film, the band confirmed that the process has fueled their desire to work on new music again.

Speaking after the screening of the film at the Toronto International Film Festival, drummer Lars Ulrich explained, "Between 'Some Kind of Monster' and this, those are two pretty cool bookends -- two opposite ends of the spectrum. Every time we do this it's a hell of a ride. … But you have to understand, getting a chance to do all these challenges and adventures really fuels us to go back into the studio and make hopefully a better album."

The drummer added, "Metallica I think increasingly depends on these types of things to feel challenged as artists. So making films is great and it certainly gets us out of our comfort zone, so when we get back to the studio we just feel more inspired and more invigorated."

Just like Metallica are known for having a wealth of ideas going into making an album, frontman James Hetfield revealed a similar process happened within the creation of making 'Metallica Through the Never.' The singer joked, "When you're financing your own movie you can do whatever you want. [Laughs] We had a whole bunch of ideas and that was the easy part. Making them all come to fruition and getting them in the movie was [the hard part]. We couldn't put everything in there as the price tag would have doubled or tripled."

But being able now to see a final product is quite rewarding for the group. Ulrich stated, "Three years later it's just so cool to sit up there and feel the energy and take it in that energy on the screen."

'Metallica Through the Never' debuts on IMAX 3D screens on Sept. 27, then expands to theaters everywhere on Oct. 4. To see the band's full Toronto International Film Festival interview, check out the clip above. And to see photos from the San Francisco premiere of the movie, check out the band's full Facebook gallery here.