If Lars Ulrich ever gets tired of his Metallica gig, he has another option. Ulrich says he would love to drum with Noel Gallagher‘s High Flying Birds.

Ulrich tells NME:

I’m hard pressed to think of anyone I would rather drum with than Noel Gallagher. I have to say the fellow with the Clockwork Orange get up at the back is doing a stellar job – when I saw them in L.A in December it was fabulous. You know, if Noel and the other 37,000 drummers on this planet turn him down I’ll certainly play with him. I’m certainly not sure he’d ever want to pick me, but I’d put together a pretty solid groove thing back there. I’d make the songs bounce to the best of my ability. Although I’m not sure he’d take me quite seriously.

Ulrich was always a fan of Gallagher’s group Oasis, and in 2008 he credited Gallagher with helping him quit cocaine, saying, “I was very impressed with Noel Gallagher; as you know, I’m an Oasis fanatic, and Noel was like ‘You know what? No more cocaine!’ and I thought, ‘If he can do it, everybody else can do it.’”

What would a Noel Gallagher / Lars Ulrich collaboration sound like? Perhaps someday we’ll find out the answer. In the meantime, Ulrich and his Metallica mates will tour Europe this summer, playing 1991′s self-titled Black Album in its entirety. And Gallagher, of course, is flying high with his Birds — they play Coachella this weekend.