Happy Veterans Day.

Thank you veterans, all of you, past and present for your service.

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Election day has come and gone. This guy, my absolute favorite candidate of all time, what cojones to simply run for state office in New Jersey. This is not fake news:

He did not win.

Here's an idea -- take a vacation, you're exhausted from all the political stress, so get away before the holiday stress. This marketing poster promoting 2 for 1 vacation deals seems quite X-rated at first glance. The unfortunate placement of his limbs gives the illusion of diddle fiddle. Even the smarmy looks are spot on, if your mind, you know, goes there.

Thomas Cook Company

Click here to see what NHL hockey uniforms would look like for every Major League Baseball team. Mariners are old school yellow and blue.

Ferry Designs

Cleveland Indians Chief Yahoo? Yep, still racist, too. Might want to snap that up before it goes away.

Ferry Designs

This week, "Halloween" claimed the top money making scary movie of all time. The 2018 edition is now the highest-grossing slasher movie of all time. Plus, it has been documented that horror movies and haunted houses are actually good for you, because deep-down you know there is no real danger and that spike of adrenaline can be helpful during your life after the fright.

So finally, along those lines, the latest you-gotta-be-kidding-me idea in the gory genre? I give you "Clownado"

YouTube Clownado

This horror laden gore fest features killer clowns from Hell, and somehow there's a tornado involved. Click here to see the trailer, but be warned, graphic gore awaits you at the link.

Thanks for reading, and most importantly, thanks for listening! On air and/or online, I hope to catch you all this week on the 97 Rock Roadshow from 3:00-7:00 p.m.

Keep 'er in the holster.