The Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation got a huge surprise when they received the rest of an already large donation from a late Richland woman last month.

Last year they found out the woman had donated $30,000 to the center from her foundation and that more would be coming when the estate was settled.

They were not expecting the amount to be another $660,000 making the total donation to the center totaling $700,000, according to reports.

Leaders from the center were shocked and said the money is “transformational”.

They went on to say that "This gift has the distinction of being the second-largest single gift in Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation history. When you combine it with the previous gift we received last year, it’s nearly $700,000 that will go to services and programs."

The generous donor is not being named by the foundation to protect her privacy, but there are some clues. They did say she was a lifelong resident of Richland and even taught in the Richland school district.

They also said that she gave the majority of her estate to four different non-profits.

"Gifts like these have the ability to completely transform an organization. We’ll be excited to put this to really great use", said Elizabeth McLaughlin the foundation director.

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